The IIRTT is an international research and development institute based in three European countries.

The activities of the Institute are based on the use of intellectual and scientific potential of the team and cooperation with other European scientific units. The aim of the Institute is to support modern science and international technology transfer.

The IIRTT assists in the commercialization of innovative projects, facilitates the acquisition of international investment capital, and develops application documentation for the central institutions of the European Union, which acquires the cooperation of foreign universities.

The Institute supervises and supports the implementation of the project at every stage. It develops the commercialization strategy, conducts the patent process, obtains research from foreign research units and universities plus business partners or investors.  

The main task of the IRRTT is to support Polish employees andnd entrepreneurs in building a partnership with foreign scientific andnd business partners. This support is made possible by the IIRTT't's international position, the Institute's network of global relationshipsps with experts from around the world and like-minded institutionsss, included in countries with the highest innovation rates.

Individual approach for each project

selecting the appropriate methodology
for the issues studied and the appropriate
commercialization strategy

assigning a coordinator
to supervise
the implementation of the project

dedication of a research team
dealing with the project’s implementation
(e.g. scientific council, analyst, lawyer)